How Do Bettijo Photo Shoots Work?

A Smarter Approach to Family Pictures

Hello! I’m Bettijo, a family photographer; Phoenix is my home! I do all types of family-related photography. Family pictures, of course, but also newborn photography, senior pictures, headshots and more. I also offer event photography for christenings, baptisms, graduations, birthday parties and the like. Regardless of the subject, I charge a simple, flat-rate, session fee of $279 for 30-45 minutes, and you get instant access to all the photos from your session.

I am a mother of four and, over the last 15 years, I have had literally dozens of my own family pictures taken. Being on both sides of the lens, has helped me dial in a family pictures process that is simple, low-stress and delivers just what you need. My unique “instant access” family pictures process was also inspired by the way I’ve been taking family photos of my sisters for years. In fact, I have always wished for a photographer that would take family pictures for my crew the way I work with my sisters:

You get INSTANT access to your Family Pictures

Instant access to your photos is one of the best parts of a Bettijo Photo Shoot — no more waiting for weeks to get your family pictures back. You get to see them all, right away! You could literally drive home from the shoot with all the photos already saved on your phone. You just need to have approximately 5 GB of free space on your smart phone or tablet, and I can download all the pictures to your device at the end of your photo shoot. If preferred, I can also setup a web folder to share all the photos within 24 hours.

You get to See ALL the pictures

Letting you see ALL my shots, gives you the opportunity to choose the photos that best represent you and your crew. I am convinced most disappointments following a photo shoot are because the photographer, not YOU, are picking out the “best” photos — best is so subjective! Culling through the photos is a lot of guesswork, and the photographer probably won’t select the same shots that you would. I just had this point reconfirmed when I was sitting next to my sister as she was going through the images from her last family photos session. I kept saying, “Heart that one,” and she’d say, “Nah! That’s not the right smile.” If you’ve ever been disappointed after going through the photos a photographer sent over, and wished you could see all the rest, then my approach is for you!

I think YOU know best what you want; so I let YOU pick!

I often get asked how many pictures will be taken. Since I am letting you pick out the best ones, I give you all my shots. I might shoot 150-800 images during a 45-minute session, depending on a variety of factors:

  • SOLO SHOOTS – a photo shoot with just one person will typically yield 150-400 photos depending on how many looks and locations you want.  (You can usually fit two looks into a standard 45-minute shoot.)
  • COUPLES SHOOTS – a photo shoot with two people will typically end up with 200-500 photos depending on how many locations you choose for your shoot. 
  • GROUP SHOOTS – a shoot for family pictures will usually end up with 300-800 photos depending on how cooperative your crew is. If you’ve got younger kiddos, plan on having more shots since I have to take more snaps when working with those wiggly youngsters that definitely have minds of their own. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt, and the reward is so great. Many of those candid snapshots that I just happened to catch, end up being everyone’s favorites.

If this seems like a lot of photos, know that you can go through them easily and quickly using your smart phone’s photos app, so don’t be overwhelmed. In fact, my clients tend to enjoy going through the lot, especially since you get to see them right away! I recommend just quickly swiping through — there will be some out-of-focus shots and others that you can just tell right off are no good. Be picky and only “heart” the keepers. Then delete the ones you didn’t heart. You will probably still end up with more good pictures than you actually need, so next I recommend going through and “un-hearting” to narrow down to your absolute favorites.

You can still have professional photo editing

After you have picked your favorite family pictures, you can purchase an optional photo editing package, and I will color correct and brighten the photos. I even include blemish correction as part of this service.

Some of my clients prefer to edit their family photos using apps on their smart phones, which is absolutely fine too — it’s totally up to you!